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How To Choose Your Implant Dentist in Guildford, Surrey

Dental implants are a fantastic treatment used for both cosmetic and structural purposes, helping you replace lost teeth while fighting off the risks of issues like jawbone shrinkage that can happen as a result. However, as an invasive and complicated surgical procedure that involves drilling into the jawbone, you need to ensure that you have

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The Top 10 Benefits of Dental Implants

  It is not always easy to deal with missing teeth. Your smile brings you confidence that nothing else can, and so when you are missing teeth or dealing with loose teeth falling out, you’re going to have a struggle about what to do. Dentures are an option for you, but dental implants are one

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benefits of root canal treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment & Frequently Asked Questions

Root canal treatment has a number of important benefits that you should consider when deciding if the treatment is the right option for you. When you have root canal treatment, you can save your natural teeth, instead of having to extract them and perhaps replace them with dentures, bridges, implants or other options. Saving your

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