Implant supported dentures

Implant Supported Dentures in Guildford, Surrey


Implant supported dentures provide stable, comfortable teeth without the need for adhesives or pastes, which are made removable for regular cleaning.

Implant supported dentures are an excellent alternative to dentures and also less invasive than full implants. Those with dentures will know about the drawbacks. They tend to come loose from their adhesive paste and don’t always perform as they should. Still many people prefer dentures and persevere with them despite their flaws. Implant supported dentures are a new alternative that offers the best of both worlds. 

Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures are dentures that clip onto a metal implant secured in the gum or bone. This gives the dentures a secure base on which to operate and reduces many of the old faults such as slippage and facial expressions. Additionally, the implant supported dentures can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement. If you prefer your dentures why not give them an upgrade at the Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice.



When you lose your teeth and replace them with dentures you enter a new world of impracticality, frustration, and problematic facial expressions. Dentures may give you some function over your eating again but they reduce your capacity for smiling, cause your facial muscles to weaken and shrink, not to mention they slip and often get lost.

This is not the case with implant supported dentures. The dentures clip conveniently into the metal implants and give you a firm grip that’s superior to ordinary adhesive dentures and far less messy. Implant supported dentures are also easy to clean, you only have to unclipped them, clean, and replace. These dentures also help to fill out the face and prevent bone and muscle shrinkage. 



Many people opt for dentures because they are convenient and accessible, but dentures have several drawbacks you should consider before you commit to this option. The reality is that dentures will not last you forever, even if you are determined to put up with regular adhesive renewal. With time your jaw bone loses its structure and density causing the dentures to misfit. This is due to the jaw bone not having the regular resistance. 

At first your dentures may fit well and you won’t know what the problem is, but as time passes you will notice more slippage and mis-fitting, making the dentures uncomfortable and undependable; they will become more and more frustrating to wear. There’s more, dentures prevent people from eating certain foods which can contribute to nutritional deficiencies and health issues. 



Despite the obvious disadvantages of regular dentures many people still prefer them. They offer an easy accessible option that’s no fuss, at least for a while. Furthermore, many people don’t want to commit to the full implant procedure, it might be too costly, invasive, or time consuming. For those in this position implant supported dentures are an excellent choice. 

At Washington Centre for Dentistry we have excellent dentists available to advise you on the best denture solution for your mouth. In most cases this will be implant supported dentures, a procedure we are proud to offer. If you have standard dentures that cause you issues but you don’t want to commit to implants contact our Washington office to schedule a consultation. 


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