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A very caring and dedicated team and through the team’s care, they are now looking and feeling so much better . A very kind team, putting me at ease as I am a very nervous patient.They reassure me and have a nice way of treating me so that I am at ease and not nervous . My dentist has a sense of humour, which is paramount ! Plus the lovely hygienists that do not judge but reassure me and help, not criticise. Thank you


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49A Woodbridge Hill

Guildford, Surrey


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Current status of our practice due to COVID-19 outbreak

We are open, but providing telephone consultations and urgent dental care ONLY. According to England's Chief Dental Officer and Care Quality Commission's new guidelines published on 25/03/2020, routine dentistry will no longer be provided in our practice until further notice . Urgent and emergency care will be based ONLY on telephone advice and prescription of painkiller and/or antibiotics, as necessary.

Accordingly, in due course, local and regional hubs will be established by the NHS, where further clinical interventions may be provided for those in need.

Our Online Booking service is also restricted now for this reason.