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Are you looking for a cosmetic smile transformation that’s affordable, quick, and non-invasive?

SmileFast is a new cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry approach (using dental composite bonding) – It brings together three cosmetic dentistry techniques – orthodontics, ceramic and composite veneers.

The treatment uses a revolutionary stent along with meticulous planning and the latest in 3D planning technology. Now, it is possible for you to enjoy an amazing new smile with the latest Composite Bonding in Guildford, Surrey without the invasive procedures, with a short treatment time and at a reduced cost.


Dental bonding aims to correct many minor defects and is not only low cost but one of the simplest of dental cosmetic procedures. It refers to the procedure and the substance and can also be known as tooth bonding or composite bonding.

Dental bonding is the application of a tooth-coloured resin material using adhesives and a high intensity curing light. The procedure gets its name because materials are bonded to the tooth.

At Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice, we offer the highest quality teeth bonding service in Guildford, Surrey.


Dental bonding is typically used for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of a discoloured or chipped tooth. It is also used to close spaces between teeth, to make teeth look longer or to change the shape or colour of teeth.

Often, composite bonding is used as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings, or to protect a portion of the tooth’s root that has been exposed when gums recede.

A few common issues that teeth bonding in Guildford can fix:

  • Small gaps between front teeth
  • Slight crookedness
  • Slight misalignment
  • Small chips or surface cracks
  • Discolouration that will not respond to tooth whitening

Benefits of SmileFast Composite Bonding & Veneers

One Hour Smile Makeover

  • Depending on the case, you can have a complete smile makeover in just an hour, with SmileFast dental bonding or dental veneers
  • Custom-designed composite veneer smile makeover for the front 6 teeth in just one application

Minimally Invasive

  • Uses an innovative stent for completing customised composite smile makeovers without invasive procedures
  • The result is zero downtime, meaning you can go back to your normal activities immediately after the treatment


  • SmileFast composite bonding offers a more affordable cosmetic dentistry solution to conventional porcelain veneers
  • The reduced cost is achieved by simplifying the processes involved, including the elimination of lengthy preliminary steps by dentists

How Does SmileFast ‘Composite Bonding’ Work?

  1. Photos and impressions of your teeth and mouth will be taken for imaging purposes.
  2. After these images are uploaded into the SmileFast portal, the patent-pending SmileFast system is used with cutting-edge 3D planning technology to come up with all available treatment options, on the way to achieving the perfect smile.
  3. Treatment is scheduled after approval by both patient and dentist and involves using the unique SmileFast stent.
  4. Individual teeth placement is achieved by using a pre-separating mechanism so that the final and ideal texture & appearance can quickly be transferred – significantly reducing the treatment completion time.
  5. Now, it is possible to have a custom-made composite smile makeover in just an hour’s time!

SmileFast is the one-stop solution to achieving the smile of your dreams! Book a Free Consultation at Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice in Guildford, Surrey. 

Starting your Smile-makeover Journey with SmileFast

See What Your Teeth Will Look Like Before the Final Composite-bonded Veneers are Made! with ‘TrialSmile’

  • The dentist will take photos of your teeth and mouth.
  • These images will then be sent to SmileFast, where the smile design and treatment option outlines will be crafted by using the SmileFast system and revolutionary 3D planning technology.
  • Both the dentist and the patient will need to approve the design and treatment option involved.
  • Materials for the smile improvement will be sent directly to the dentist.


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