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We Accept New Patients

Please Choose one of the Following New Patient Categories:

<0% Finance Available for all Treatment Plans worth £350 and more>
(Longer Interest-bearing Finance Available for up to 5 Years)

Independent (Private) Patients

Emergency Patients:

Same Day Appointments (and treatments, if feasible), If you book your appointment before 1 P.M . 

If you are in pain and require an emergency dentist in Guildford, it may put your mind at rest to know that Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice offers same-day emergency dental treatments to both registered and non-registered patients. The emergency appointment (consultation) costs £49. 

Examples of emergency treatments which might be provided are listed below (at a sperate cost): 

  • Temporary Fillings and Soothing Dressings
  • Prescription of Antibiotics and other medications
  • Draining Dental Abscess or Removing the affected nerves
  • Adjusting and Smoothing Fillings/Broken Teeth/Dentures
  • X-rays, if required
  • Treating Sensitive Teeth
  • Slight Removal of Plaque and Calculus (Scale)
  • Recementing Loose or De-bonded Crowns/Bridges/Veneers
  • Emergency Extractions
  • Denture Repairs
If possible and mutually agreed, the permanent treatment may be provided on the same day (at a separate fee)

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To book your Initial Examination, Consultations (Implant, Periodontal, Sedation, Orthodontic, Cosmetics) and Emergency Appointments, use our easy online booking service

Students (Including University of Surrey students):

  • All Students (Including University of Surrey students) (both part-time and full-time) will enjoy 15% discount on all routine dental treatments; including all check-ups.
  • New Patient Check-up: £44.20  PLUS  X-rays (usually £17) 
  • A valid student ID is required.
  • Emergency Consultations & Treatments, Implants, Hygiene Visits, Specialist (Advanced) & Cosmetic Treatments are NOT discounted.

Corporate Scheme (Companies, Schools, NHS staff)

  • All patients who work in Guildford in any corporates, companies , shops, schools or Universities qualify for 10% discount on all routine dental treatments, including check-ups.
  • New Patient Check-up (Examination): £46.80 Plus X-rays (usually £18)
  • A valid work ID is required.
  • If you are self-employed, you must prove your registered office or permanent work place is in Guildford.
  • Emergency Consultation & Treatments, Implants, Hygiene Visits, Specialist (Advanced) & Cosmetic Treatments are NOT discounted.

Children (Under-18s)

Patients under 18 years of age will be seen under the NHS in our practice, free of charge. 

There is usually no waiting list and they can be seen immediately. However, due to COVID-19 limitations, we have reached our full capacity and not accepting any new NHS patients. We are hoping to go back to normal soon. 

If you register your children with our practice, you can  then join the Family Scheme (see below), to get 10% Discount on routine treatments. 

Family Members

If at least one of your immediate family members (with the same address) are registered with us (including your children under the NHS) you can get 10% discount on all your routine dental treatments as long as at least one qualifying family member (including children):

  •  Has attended the practice at least once in the last 12 month    OR
  •  Will be visiting the practice at the same time as you

Therefore, if your other family member does not visit us at least once a year, you will lose your discount. 

New Patient Check-up: £46.80 Plus X-rays (usually £18) 

Emergency Package & Treatments, Implants, Hygiene Visits, Specialist (Advanced) & Cosmetic Treatments  are NOT discounted.

NHS New Adult Patients:

Very Limited Occasional Spaces Available. You can call us to discuss any availabilities.

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