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Have you always wondered how much it would cost to have your dental treatment:

Price List

New Patient Examination £45
Regular Check-ups
Radiography (X-rays)
Intra-Oral Small X-rays (Each)
Extra-Oral Small X-ray
Full-Mouth OPG X-ray
CBCT 3D Dental Scan
(Depending on size)
£70 - £110
White Glass Ionomer
(Depending on size)
£65 - £90
White Composite Resin
(Depending on size)

£90 - £180
Oral Surgery (Extractions)
RoutineFrom £95
Surgical (Inc. Wisdom Teeth)
Root Treatment (Root Canals)
Incisors and Canines
Partial Crowns (Inlays, On-lays)
Composite Resin (White Filling Material)
Porcelain or Zirconia
Crowns, Veneers & Bridgework
Gold From £500
Metal (Silver)
Normal Porcelain Bonded to Metal (PBC)
E-Max Full Porcelain (Aesthetic) and Zirconia
Veneers E-Max Full Porcelain (Aesthetic)
Bridge (Per Unit)
Acrylic£350 -£600 per set
Flexible Acrylic (unbreakable)
£600 per set
Chrome Metal dentures
£900 per set
Titanium Ultra light
£1100 per set
Dental Implants
Dental Implant Consultation*
Free (Terms & Conditions Apply)
Bone Grafts Blocks (Implants)
Bone Augmentation - Socket Preservation
Sinus Lift (Open)
Sinus Lift (Closed)
Single Implant Including the Crown
From £1800
Inhalation Sedation (Per Session)£150
IV (Intra Venous) Sedation (Per Hour)£250
Other Treatments
Tooth Whitening
£300 Home Kit
Sports/Night guard
Anti-Wrinkle Injections
£250 For Three or Four Areas
Periodontal (Gums) Treatments
Periodontal Consultation (Includes X-rays)£80
Periodontist Deep Scale & Root Planing (Gum Disease Main Treatment)From £185
Periodontal Surgery (Per Area)
From £600

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Current status of our practice due to COVID-19 outbreak

We are open, but providing telephone consultations and urgent dental care ONLY. According to England's Chief Dental Officer and Care Quality Commission's new guidelines published on 25/03/2020, routine dentistry will no longer be provided in our practice until further notice . Urgent and emergency care will be based ONLY on telephone advice and prescription of painkiller and/or antibiotics, as necessary.

Accordingly, in due course, local and regional hubs will be established by the NHS, where further clinical interventions may be provided for those in need.

Our Online Booking service is also restricted now for this reason.